Costumes you can make at home that kids love to wear

Halloween can be a kid's favorite time of year, but it can also be a little daunting and somewhat nerve-wracking for a parent. Kids’ halloween costumes can get pretty pricy and a parent never wants to let their kids down. Never fear, though: help is here. Here are two of the easiest costumes to make that kids love to wear!


A leotard and tights are the two staple pieces in this costume. You will also need the following:

. Feather boa
. Wide Ribbon
. Strips of flimsy colored paper
. A basic hair band
. Double-sided sticky tape
. 24 -30 Colored pipe cleaners

Tie a loop in each end of the feather boa. Use your child for a sizing reference: first tie one loop around your child's arm and then the other loop around her other arm. Cut off the remaining portion of the boa and set to the side. The rest can be used on the headband. Attach the pipe cleaners together and shape into basic butterfly wings (you can find templates for butterfly wings online). Using more pipe cleaners, secure the wings to the boa securely. Do this while your child is wearing the boa strap.

Take a basic headband and glue a strip of the feather boa onto the headband. Wrap two pipe cleaners around the headband to look like antennas.

Using either the feather boa or a wide ribbon and the double-sided sticky tape, affix the strips of flimsy paper onto the ribbon or tie onto the feather boa to make a skirt--and you're done!

This costume may just win the prize for ‘creativity with tape!’ The base of the costume is a brown hooded sweatshirt and brown sweat pants. The rest is so easy a monkey could do it:

. Four 1x1ft pieces of dark brown felt
. White masking tape
. Two pieces of light brown felt
. Costume horn headband used with other Halloween costumes
. Tin foil

Use the white masking tape to simply draw out the hexagon giraffe spots on the sweatshirt and sweatpants. Cut the dark brown felt into ovals and either glue or tape them so that they stick out of the arm holes of the sweatshirt and the leg holes of the pants, making little hooves around your child's hands.

Use the headband and the tin foil to make the horns. Shape the tin foil over the already present horns on the band and cover with leftover brown felt. Make two rounded knobs to imitate the giraffe horns.

Using the light brown felt, cut this felt into large ovals that will be used as the ears. Glue the ears onto the headband on either side of the two horns, and you have a little wild creature!

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