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• If your child, parent, or another loved one has a disability, eating out can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. You need not let the potential challenges stop you from enjoying a delicious meal if you follow these tips.

Developmental toys for blind babies. Babies and children with vision impairment or blindness have a completely unique set of developmental requirements. Milestones for a blind baby are often significantly delayed compared to the development of a sighted child. Appropriate stimulation of other senses and proper intervention can be crucial. It is well documented that infants with visual impairments have a similar level of variability of skill acquisition as sighted children, and careful attention to the sensory input given to the blind baby can be useful to help make up for visual losses.

• Halloween can be a kid's favorite time of year, but it can also be a little daunting and somewhat nerve-wracking for a parent. Kids’ halloween costumes can get pretty pricy and a parent never wants to let their kids down. Never fear, though: help is here. Here are two of the easiest costumes to make that kids love to wear!

•Music therapy can help children on their journey of self-growth and understanding and can be an effective intervention tool for persons with disabilties. Music is effective because it is nonverbal communication, a natural reinforcer, immediate in time, and successful because almost everyone responds positively to some kind of music.

• If you are planning a Halloween party this year, there are a few decorating ideas that you may want to use to ensure this Halloween will be a spooky and fun night to remember. Get creative with your Halloween decorations by using a variety of techniques that will come together cohesively

• Learning to plant vegetables and enjoy the benefits of eating them fresh from your own indoor vegetable garden has many benefits. Imagine picking fresh lettuce or tomato from your kitchen right before cooking. In the evening, for supper, you can pick tomatoes and eat them without cooking. This is truly possible in a hassle-free manner with growing vegetables indoors.

•Container gardening is one of the fastest growing segments of gardening. Containers can be grown where traditional gardens are not possible including apartment balconies, small courtyards, decks, and patios. They are an ideal solution for people in rental situations, with limited mobility, or with limited time to care for a large landscape.

•Family fun brings not only enjoyment but BIG family health benefits, too. And if you look carefully, you can find fun in whatever you do... it is only a matter of attitude. Taking time for the things that you enjoy can help you feel better about yourself and be more satisfied with life. And when you feel this way, you might be more likely to exercise, eat well, get regular medical care and reach out to friends and family - all of which can benefit you physically and mentally.

• Parents, teachers and therapists of children with autism often use interactive reading to facilitate interaction and social skills as it sparks their imagination and also engages them in a social activity.

• When you choose toys for your child, most of us would simply look at what is cool and trendy. Sometimes, we often base our decisions on what our children’s friends have or even what our colleagues at work have for their kids. While this may work for some, it clearly does not answer the developmental needs of our children. When we talk about toys, we always have to look at how well our children will benefit from these playthings not only in terms of having plenty of fun but also in terms of their growth and development potential.

• Playing fun games together affords a perfect opportunity for both personal and social development and an opportunity to learn and grow together as a family.

• The aging process can wreak havoc on physical, mental, and emotional faculties. Caregivers must create a safe environment for seniors that engage the mind and stimulate the senses. One of the most effective methods of doing this is through simple craft ideas.

•Developmental age-appropriate toys - When choosing toys for your child, it is important to consider developmental age. If your child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability or delay, her pediatrician, speech therapist, teacher, and occupational and physical therapists can offer suggestions on the types of developmental toys that will be most beneficial. In general, look for toys at or slightly above your child's skill level. It is important to have toys that can be successfully play with as well as those that challenge.

• Luckily, there are no "real" sports designed specifically for family participation. I say "luckily" because this gives us permission to make up our own leisure-recreation sport. The sport that we make up together is very likely to be the very sport that we can all have fun playing together.

•Adapted sports offers the opportunity to achieve success in a very short time period; to use this success to build self-confidence and focus on possibilities instead of dwelling on what can no longer be done.

• Disability and mobility concerns don't have to slow down your summer travel plans. Here are some tips to make your disability summer travel easy.

•Children's hospice services help children and families in these situations with the emotional and physical challenges they face, helping them to make the most of life.

•Child bullying is a big problem in our schools today. The main difference between child bullying today from the past is the nature of the bullying and the violence that occurs in the aftermath.

• You can bring your garden indoors for the winter, by planting a windowsill garden. Many herb plants and vegetables grow quite easily in containers and require only minimal care.

•Coloring Therapy uses the activity of coloring as a self help medium. While coloring (with felt tipped markers, colored pens, pencils, etc) a state of consciousness similar to meditation occurs.

•Poetry for children is a way to cultivate your child's imagination and critical thinking, and poems should be a part of every child’s life. Childhood is the critical stage when children should discover the wonders and benefits of poetry.

• A scrapbook is a decorated photo album, but different from a photo album because it preserves something more than just the photos. Scrapbooking tells the story behind the photos, as well as memorabilia (tickets, certificates, letters, etc.)

• Learn how to save money shopping onlineThere are two main types of Internet shopping promotions that you will see while browsing online. One is called the "coupon code" or "promotional code " and the other is a " link only" promotion. Most online merchants will offer one or the other when running online promotions.

•Collecting family recipes represents more than delicious food ideas. They can reflect bygone eras and become a legacy from past generations. Start your own collection of family recipes and share with the family.

•Children's books offer education and entertainment as well as comfort to young readers. Reading books to children is the single most important activity a parent can do to prepare a child for future academic success.

• The creative process of making of arts and crafts is both healing and family life enhancing. Arts and crafts for children allows for emotional expression and healing through nonverbal means.

• When thoughtfully planned, accessible gardening eliminates physical and attitudinal barriers to gardening, creating an area where people of all ages and abilities can garden. All you need are a few simple adaptations to the area, methods, and equipment.

Making music enriches a special needs child's life in wonderful ways. Studies on the developing brain show dramatic lifelong improvements in language, math, spatial skills, coordination, memory and motor skills by learning to make music.

• Have fun in your own backyard and enhance your child's appreciation of nature, by providing homes for our wild friends by starting a backyard wildlife habitat. It's easy to create and a pleasure to see the beautiful birds, butterflies and animals in your own backyard.

•Whether you are having a family celebration, holiday, birthday party, anniversary, family reunion or other get-together, here are a few party planning tips and ideas to help make it a success.

Travelling Abroad with a Disability - In today’s world, travel isn’t restrictive. Regardless of whether you’re fit and healthy, have a physical impairment, learning disability, or any other condition, there should be no excuse to avoid travelling. You’ll be able to visit even the most exotic of destinations to experience what our planet has to offer.

Travel is by its very nature an adventure, but factor a disability into the family travel and things can get pretty scary. One of the biggest areas of concern for disabled or special needs travelers is air travel. People just don't know what to expect, but it doesn't have to be that way.

• Even though the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed years ago, many wheelchair-users going on a family vacation still have trouble finding an accessible hotel room.

• Have you considered learning a foreign language? For students, internships doing foreign language translation work in foreign countries is a popular way of making money and travelling around the world.

• Developing a family tree or researching family history can be an educational, fun and rewarding experience. Here's how to start and resources to search. Create a family tree now and share with generations to come.

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