Studies Show CBD Can Aid in Treatment of Epilepsy in Children

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In the prevention of epileptic seizures, there are a number of medications and treatments that its sufferers have turned to in order to manage the symptoms of this very serious condition. Some of these treatments come with unwanted side effects, making those trying to relieve their symptoms wary for understandable reasons. However, it is believed that CBD-rich cannabis is the key to aiding in this fight, with a treatment that produces no short-term side effects like those found in some of the mind numbing medications on the market today. As more and more research is churned out regarding these findings, those who have seizures find themselves turning to CBD for relief (for more information, see VaporPlants).

CBD treatment epilepsy childrenA few years ago, there was a case of an 8-year old child, by the name of Charlotte Figi, that garnered media attention when her rare form of debilitating epilepsy was eased by the use of marijuana. Since then, other parents have looked into using this method to help their own children have a chance to reignite hope that they can lead functional lives with the use of this treatment.

Though there have been many studies done concerning CBD and epilepsy, there is one in particular that stands out. In what is considered the largest study to date regarding CBD for seizures, neurologist Orrin Devinsky of the New York University Langone Medical Center, used a cannabis-based drug for treatment-resistant epilepsy. There were 162 patients who participated, and were given 99% CBD, the nonpsychoactive aspect of the marijuana plant. They were monitored for 12 weeks while continuing on their existing medications for the seizures. The results showed that CBD reduced seizures by 36.5%, and 2% of the patients even became completely seizure free.

It is hard for researchers to determine the true effectiveness of medical marijuana to treat epileptic seizures without side effects, because marijuana still has some hazy laws surrounding its use, including the fact that it is still considered a Schedule I drug. This does not even take into account the financial limitations and time restraints. There are certainly hurdles to be jumped over when it comes to researching the use of CBD for seizures, but that does not mean it isn't an ongoing endeavor. Professionals across the board advise cautious optimism regarding CBD and its helpful nature to reduce seizures.

Those that have access to CBD, if it is indeed effective for them, have healthier options than smoking the marijuana plant to ingest it, which is especially important when the patient is a child. Vaping using an oil pen, which is a type of vape pen (for more information, see VaporPlants) eliminates unwanted compounds, such as the ones that get you "high," leaving only the helpful, nonpsychoactive CBD to be inhaled. This has been found to be the best way to maximize the patient’s exposure to CBD, since for every 100mg of non-water soluble CBD ingested, your body only absorbs about 15 of those milligrams.

When you inhale pure CBD oil with a vaporizer, it enters your lungs and goes directly into your bloodstream instead of going through your liver first. This allows nearly 4 times more CBD into your bloodstream, allowing you to ingest 50% to 60% more CBD with each inhalation. Therefore, for those it is proven to help, the best possible way to get the CBD working in your body is by using an oil vaporizer pen. Not to mention that vaping CBD through vaping CBD through oil vape pens allows you to feel its effects up to 30 to 60 minutes faster than any other delivery method.

Dr. Devinsky says that based on the evidence shown, if children have tried other, more standard drugs to treat the epilepsy to no avail, it is worth trying CBD oil as a treatment. While there are still many factors to take into consideration, and many hoops to jump through regarding the use of CBD, there are hardly any side effects of the drug to discourage patients from trying this potentially life enhancing alternative for those with debilitating epilepsy.


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