Haruna's story shares their experience, joys and grief with other special needs families


My name is Haruna and I am a Christian, I was born on April 25th, 1982.

I live with a very happy family and they are very affectionate people. Actually, they are not my biological parents or family. They adopted me when I was one month old, that's what they told me.

They took me after my mum's tragedy and decided to take me as one of their kids. The did lady Grace-Margie, was living in our neighbourhood, and she was my mum's advisor.

My mum took Grace-Margie as her mum too, since she was an orphan. My mum divorced with my dad simply because of her pregnancy. Dad claimed that the pregnancy was not his.

He would beat my mum day in, day out for no reason. One day my mum went to the hospital and came back, what she saw nearly popped her eyes out. My dad Jackson H. Kasim, had collected each and everything in the house and my mum was left a pauper. My Mum Angela, lived from hand to mouth and that's why she went to live in the neighbourhood. That's where she found Grace Margie, My mum being expectant, she could no longer do anything for herself. Grace went And helped her in everthing, and she finally gave birth to me. When she was delivering, the doctors discovered that my mum had a growth in her head.

They asked her to pay cash inorder to perform a surgery, but unfortunately, she had no money. Grace tried very hard to get some cash but she couldn't get any. Finally, my mum passed away and that's when Mrs Grace decided to adopt me. When I was told about all this misfortunes, sadness gripped every part of my body and tears rolled down my cheeks.

Mrs. Grace's daughter has two kids and she is 29 years old. Her first born Mary Ann, who is 13 years old is also kind to me and treats me like her uncle. Sharon Murungi's last born son, Jonathan is 7 years old. He is a very funny young boy and very humble to everyone. The government has offered to educate her children and she does appreciate the government.

Despite the tragedy that happened to me. I work at a greengrocer just to give a hand to my adoptive mum. She can't walk alone or do anything for herself, she spends the whole day sitting on a stool. She is too old and aged 67 years. Her husband disappeared. We do not know whether he is still alive or dead. Sharon Murungi's husband died in a train crash when he was transporting goods in the neighbouring country. We never saw his body nor do we know whether he was buried.

This is my family, my adoptive family. As for my studies, I completed my high school and college when I was 18 years old. And I thank my adoptive mum for doing all these to me, and that is why I am willing to do any work just to help her now that she is old. I love giving myself to other people, and I have so many lessons to teach others. I know how to sleep without food, how sleep without bedsheets at night and being biten by mosquitoes.

I have passed through so many things that brought ecstasy and tears in my life. This is all about my life (biography) and my family's story. I would appreciate all the offers that you may provide to me and my family. As for me, I will try toe to head to help other families that have same problems as I do.

Incline your ears and hear the words of an orphan, for when he cries no one hears, and when he speaks no one listens. So apply your heart to my knowledge.

Thank you very much.


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