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Some people would consider HSP other wise known as Hereditary Spastic Parapernesis, to be a disability, but it won’t stop me from accomplishing goals in life. I suffer from HSP but I will not let this disease rob me of my mobility.

HSP is generally seen as a person falling a lot and can progress to loss of more functions or not. Mine started to show itself when I was in my adult years.

Part of what has changed with my Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis or HSP diagnoses was becoming committed to exercise Daily exercise, is a very important life change.

I have gained the most fun by being embraced by a whole other family, the family at the gym. A little bit of discomfort in your life can increase your mobility.

I have learned that however busy I get or what time I have, I need to make time for exercise. I have recently seen the struggle a person has to make when relying on a walker and it is hard. I think struggling to use a walker makes it worth while to keep a daily exercise program in your life and keep your strength to walk .HSP does not affect a person’s mind but their mobility will decrease, they could loose the ability to walk.

Because of my new family at the gym, I have gained balance, strength, flexibility and the ability to keep moving. Everyone at my facility is aware of my diagnoses but I only hope that people see me and decide not to stop working out.

People in public are constantly stopping and asking me “What’s wrong?” but I want to let everyone know that daily exercise gives people with this diagnoses a better life. It has helped at least one person feel they can do a lot. Because of the need I have for exercise in my life.

I never wanted to exercise, mostly, I was tired after work. But after many hours spent on exercise, I knew, I could never fully give it up. I realize I didn’t immediately feel the adrenaline rush or the energy it gives you or how it is supposed to make it easier to balance but slowly, the benefits, creep up on you. The ones I listed and many more.

Working Out is hard, harder than hard, but it is worth it. Now I look so much better, and I feel so much better. So I only wish everyone knew how important the benefits are in a person’s daily life. Everyone, especially with these diagnoses should start a physical therapy regime few times a week.

I have found out many more disabilities rob a person of their mobility. Their are many support groups for people who have disabilities that make a persons mobility hard. Taking part in support groups is a great way for people to learn to live with mobility differences.

People who can’t even go to the mall or find taking a walk in the park difficult. People who find more and more daily tasks difficult. I have recently noticed that this disability can cause people to be very fearful of doing tasks where they may fall.

Another large problem with this life change is depression is an easy answer for many people( I can’t do anything!) but a person with a mobility problem or HSP has to remember that they have many abilities.Having internet access is a great way to keep in touch with the outside world.

These diseases come in many different forms and manifest themselves in many different ways but the benefits of exercise are great.in a person’s daily life.

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Helen Kienlen

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