Sheila's story shares their experience, joys and grief with other special needs families

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This story is about a wonderful seven year old with a diagnosis of severe autism, and mild cerebral palsy.

I started with a very hard and stressful pregancy and a premature birth. He was not moving and told the docters to no avail . The cord was wrapped around his neck so tight that when he was born his eyelids were blue. His O2 saturation was at 40% and did not rise for three days . He did get better and was a thriving baby, until his sixteen months old shots. He had a mmr shot which I believe made him sick.

Twenty four hours after the shot he became deathly ill with projectile vomiting and diarrhea and a fever. He was hosiptalized on Christmas eve and stayed for seven days. He stopped doing everthing for himself including saying "mom " and " and "sissy".

He went into his own little world. I felt like I was losing my little boy.

It has been diffcult road with teachers tying him down in what they called a sensory chair, which he hated. From abuse from some teachers not prepared for special needs children. The schools put him in what I called a time closet which I hated. I fought like a wild cat on everthing they tried to do to him .

My finances are drained, hoping for a miracle like habit for humanity to maybe help us have a house one day before we become homeless. I am now a single mom with four children and I work full time nights.

I love my son so much but there seems to be no help sometimes from docs and schools . The neurologists seem to be the ones who help the most with medicines to keep him from rages and biting us with no reason. Although I feel like I could bite his teachers sometimes myself.

I am a nursing assistant who dearly loves the elderly. This is just a little of our story. I feel with the right author I could write a book on what we have been through.

Mother of Taylor, a precious severely disabled, non-verbal child

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