Steven G Price - Father, Webmaster, Bass Player

Millie Acker (mother) and G Gordon Price (father) on their wedding day

My father played banjo, guitar, piano and mandolyn as a youth. Later, he repaired, refurbished and converted pump organs to organs with electric bellows

On July 29, 1953, my mother Millie died an ho r after I was born. I still yearn for the feeling of her embrace and the sound of her voice. I take some comfort in the thoght that the "goodness" inside me is a relection of her and my father

With the help of neighbor Frances Green, my father and grandmother (Monica Price) raised me until the age of 2 1/2, when my father remarried. My second mother's maiden name was Martha Dautrich.

My grandmother Monica then went back to her home in Newington, CT. I was so sad when she left that I gave her my Raggedy Andy doll to keep her company. For the rest of her life, she kept that Raggedy Andy doll sitting upright against at pillow in her bed. I am still in awe of grandma Monica Price's gardens

My father, G Gordon Price, was a bank manager and volunteered as Treasurer on the Gilbert High School Board and on the Economic Development Board for Winsted, CT. He was also a member of Kiwanis.

My grandmothers Monica Price and Martha Dautrich, cousin Joan and her husband Bob Lunden, and grandfather William Dautrich.

I grew up in this cape on Smith Hill Road, just outside the small rural city of Winsted in the township of Winchester Connecticut.

As a boy, we had two fine dogs named Yule and Doc. Doc was my best childhood friend and companion.

I also had a cat named Wilby. She had a litter of four black male kittens. Here are two of them.

I married a "little French girl" (as my father referred to her). We were married for nearly 30 years and had two wonderful daughters, Monica and Martha.

My family and I participated in the Walk for PKD, to raise funds and awareness for Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease research. My cousin Kevin Sullivan, State of Connecticut Lieutenant Governor, gave a proclamation to bring awareness to PKD,

I have two wonderful daughters - Monica and Martha . They both have red hair, like their mother.

I am very proud of my precious girls.

I dressed as Deep Fat Friar at the Renaissance Faire, held at the Lion's Club Hebron Fair grounds in Connecticut. My oldest daughter Monica was dressed as a wizard. I toted the Book of Armaments and the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch and chanted Die Iesu domine, dona eis requiem

We purchased a timeshare in the beautiful Grand Bahamas Island. The water is clear and warm as a bathtub so it is ideal for Monica.

After working 20 years as an I.T. manager at Dutch Point C.U. and as a Team Leader for support technicians at Pfizer in Groton, I went back to school at Manchester Community College to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant .

Ever since I was a boy, I enjoyed woodworking. In my twenties, I enjoyed designing and building high fidelity speakers including a subwoofer (with separate 120 Watt amp and one 15" and two 12" speakers)

I have a particular interest in assistive technology and adaptive equipment. Since 1995, I have been developing rhe Special Needs Family Fun website.

"All you need is love and a bass guitar"
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Learning to play bass guitar on a Tacoma Thunderchief acoustic, Cort passive electric, Goldtone M-Bass, Goldtone Paul Beard resonator,Ibanez shortscale and Fender Jazz Signature bass with GK combo amps. My music teacher is Matt Bureau who works at The Music Bureau in Salem CT.
first Earth Day April 22, 1970
Cleaning up a small patch of our planet in Winsted, CT on the first Earth Day April 22, 1970
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